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COVID 19 has negatively affected the income of 85% of South Africans. Our Debt Solutions ease your burden and repayments pressure.


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How We Can Help You

There are loads of debt solutions out there. But to truly offer the best debt advice for your circumstances, our policy is to listen and understand your situation first. Only then will we suggest a debt solution that fits. Click on a solution to learn more.

Debt Mediation

Clients have been known to be under administration for more than 10 years. We consider this a lifetime debt trap and can remove it through a straightforward court process.


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Debt Review Services

This process is intended to assist over-indebted consumers struggling with debt, through budget advice, negotiation with credit providers for reduced payments and reduced interest rates.


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Administration Removals

When you have been unable to pay what you owe for an extended period of time, you find yourself in a pretty difficult situation. You and your creditors come to an agreed-upon arrangement that is beneficial to both parties.


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Garnishee Removals

Legal term is an Emolument attachment order. The client is being Garnisheed a set amount as directed by court order directly from their pay. We provide a service to remove unnecessary deductions as well as recouping monies paid.


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Debt Review Removal

Amendments to the act now allow consumers to withdraw from the debt review process if, a consumer has paid up all the debts that were listed in the court order or repayment agreement.


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Debt Solutions


Why Choose Sedi Debt Solutions

We’ll help you work out your budget, income and debts

Our application is made simple and easy for your convenience.

We'll find a solution to your debt that suits your situation

Everyone is different. That is why we work with you to determine the best options to suit your needs and most importantly, what you can afford.

We’ll set up your debt solution, and offer support however long it's needed

Our team has the experience to deal with your creditors and be there when you need them to query anything related to your account.

Have you been having trouble paying off your credit card debt? Debt might feel overwhelming and hard to handle at times, but there are options accessible to you! Our goal at SEDI Debt Solutions is to assist the growing number of people who have become burdened by debt.

We give expert debt counseling services that help you find effective debt solutions. Since our inception, we have assisted thousands of South Africans in becoming debt-free. Our track record speaks for itself, with so many happy customers. Begin your road to financial independence right now!

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Our team will communicate with you and provide timely feedback received from your creditors

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You can be guaranteed that should you need to speak to us, your consultant will be knowledgeable and polite

solutions that work for you

We use the best tools available under the latest regulations and laws to suit your budget

thinking outside of the box

Your situation may change for the better or worse, contact us at any time to amend your arrangement

We Will Help You Manage Your Credit Card Debt

Whether its credit cards, loans or store accounts, we can assist you to stop your creditors from knocking on your door.

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Sedi Debt Solutions has been helping over-indebted South Africans to regain their financial freedom for years

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It was literally the best decision of my life, and it has actually changed my life, cheesy as that sounds, it has changed my life.

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